Saturday, 8 December 2012

Talks to Libraries.

A little in advance, but I want to wish everyone a Happy Christmas and New Year!

Talking of the New Year, I have a fair few talks to Library groups and even to business groups. Fingers crossed that they all go well!  I hope you all have a good New Year also, and good luck in all you do.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Talking to audiences

Well folks, I have some dates for the New Year, to talk to writing groups at various Libraries in the area, as well as to a group of business and professional ladies. A bit nervous, but I guess I shouldn't be, I used to be a tutor at the local College, teaching Creative Writing, among other things, so standing up and talking in front of rooms full of people really doesn't worry me. I just hope they don't heckle me!  My second book 'Crazy Man Cade' is doing well and getting good reviews on Amazon. I am going to put my third Western straight on to Kindle next year. I am also working on another for Robert Hale, and my Romance is coming along well. Maybe next year will be even better than this!!
Here's hoping eh? See you all soon. X

Friday, 2 November 2012

Me and Johnny Depp!!!

Hey! Remember I told you I was in Writing Magazine this month? Well, just go and look a few pages further in, and you'll see my biggest hero, Johnny Depp! I'm in the same magazine as my hero!! YAY! Be better if I was in the same room.  I'm hoping that he'll get a copy of the mag, see that I write Westerns, and ask me for permission to turn one of my books into a fim for him to star in! He'd be a great leading man for my second one, 'Crazy Man Cade'. A girl's allowed a dream or two isn't she? Wouldn't you? I'm going to keep everything crossed for a while! X.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

BULLETS AND HEARTS.: Writing Magazine news.

BULLETS AND HEARTS.: Writing Magazine news.: Hello everyone, this is just a quickie, to let you know that there is an article about me, and my writing of course, in the latest issue of ...

Writing Magazine news.

Hello everyone, this is just a quickie, to let you know that there is an article about me, and my writing of course, in the latest issue of Writing Magazine. It's just a short piece in the Members news section, but the magazine is read by a lot of people. It's all about networking, and getting your name out there, and if just some of the people who read that magazine, go to my website, or buy or borrow one of my books, it's working.
For more information, take a look at my website -
Those of you who are interested in writing in any form, why not try joining an online writing site, or forum, there are lots, Facebook has a lot also. They are full of friendly helpful people (for the most part) and range from complete beginners, to people who have had many books published.
Why not check it out, and maybe I'll see you there?

Friday, 19 October 2012

Books arrived at last!!!

Well folks, I've finally received the advance copies for my second Western 'Crazy Man Cade'. Only they're not really advance, since some of my friends have already received their copies! I was cross !

I love it when a parcel of my books arrives, I love the feel and the smell of them, Okay call me odd, but that's the smell of an author!! Hee hee!

I hope people will put reviews on amazon for me, and tick the box which says you want to read the book on Kindle, as Robert Hale are talking about turning them into e-books at some point in the future. (Near future I hope!)

If you read this please leave me a comment on here will you?  Thanks a lot.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Possible e-books!

Remember me saying that I had heard from some of my friends who said they'd received copies of my new book, 'Crazy Man Cade' from Robert Hale, and I hadn't even got my advance copies? Well, I still haven't! The girl who handles that side of things has been away, and no-one else has done it for her. Typical! HUH!
Still, there might be a tiny speck of good news to be had, she did happen to hint that they may be looking at turning my first one, 'The Ghosts of Poynter' into an e-book! Now, if everyone who reads this, goes to Amazon, and asks for anything by 'Amos Carr' to be turned into an e-book, I'd be very grateful indeed! Thank you in advance. XX

'The Next Big Thing'.

Hello all. My dear friend Madalyn Morgan tagged me on her blog last Wednesday, to spread the word about 'The Next Big Thing', and when I have answered the ten questions about my latest work in progress, I will be tagging other writers, who, in turn will hopefully answer the same questions and tag others, thus spreading the word, far and wide about our latest works.  So here goes -

WHAT IS THE WORKING TITLE OF THE BOOK?     Simply 'Ravenswing' at the moment.

WHERE DID THE IDEA COME FROM?   From the time that I and husband and daughter lived in kent where we 'did up' an old cottage and started a smallholding. A place like 'Ravenswing' has always been my personal dream.

WHAT GENRE DOES IT FIT INTO?  Hmmm, well, it's not quite chick lit, nor is it an Aga saga, but there are elements of both, along with a strong Romantic thread, so I suppose it's just a contemporary Romance really.

WHICH ACTORS WOULD YOU CHOOSE TO PLAY YOUR CHARACTERS IN A MOVIE RENDITION OF YOUR WORK?    Actors? I've never really considered this one as a film, but looking around the people who 'fit the characters best' would be, Scott Maslen, who, I am reliably informed plays in East Enders, as the creepy Estate Agent,  - Ruth Bradley (Primeval) as Jackie, and the hero (he'd have to grow his hair though!) Mark Salling -Puck in 'Glee'.

CAN WE HAVE A ONE SENTENCE SYNOPSIS OF THE WORK?  Jackie's husband dies, leaving her a large legacy, she buys a rundown old farm and begins a romance with one of the restoration workers, they have their problems, but it's a 'happy ever after' tale.

WILL IT BE SELF-PUBLISHED, OR REPRESENTED BY AN AGENT?  I hope it will be accepted by an agent or publisher, if not, its Kindle!

HOW LONG DID IT TAKE TO WRITE THE FIRST DRAFT?  I'm one of those writers who drafts, writes, edits, re-writes, edits again, then drafts another bit, so I'm still drafting, and will be until it's finished.

WHAT OTHER BOOKS WOULD YOU COMPARE IT TO WITHIN YOUR GENRE?  I'm really not sure what genre/author to compare it with, as I don't really know anyone who writes on similar themes, though I dare say there are some out there.

WHO, OR WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO WRITE THE BOOK? This particular one was mostly inspired by a dream, combined with personal experiences. As to writing in general, my father and grandfather. And if you would like to know more about me, please go and check out my website -    Thank you in advance.

WHAT ELSE ABOUT THE BOOK MIGHT PIQUE THE READERS INTEREST?  It's 'The Good Life' for the 21st Century, with a strongly Romantic twist ( and a gorgeous hero!)

Okay, that's the ten questions answered, so now I have to tag other writers, only trouble is, some of the ones I originally wanted, bon't have blogs! So for now, there are just two, but I will put others on as I find them, honest!

Come on ladies, your turn to tell us all about your WIP ! And thanks for agreeing to take part. XX

Monday, 15 October 2012

Where are my books?

Okay. What's going on? Friends are telling me they are now receiving their copies of my latest book, 'Crazy Man Cade'. And I haven't got my advance copies from the publisher yet!! Annoyed or what!
And I can't speak to the girl at the publisher's until Wednesday! Typical eh?

I'm now working on trying to answer the ten questions for the 'Next Big Thing' which I will be posting on here on Wednesday (I hope). It's a way for writers to spread the word about their latest works in progress, and also to spread info about their writer friends.  Please look out for my blog then, on Wednesday 17/10/12.

Thanks folks!

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

linking to other people's blogs

Well folks, I've been ordered to put a link on here to my mate's blog, She's a real bossy boots you know! So I'm going to try but I'm a bit useless at this job.
To read all about her works in progess, and other  info about this lovely lady  please visit her at

Monday, 8 October 2012

New book out soon.

Am just hearing from folk that they have started to pre order my latest book, 'Crazy Man Cade' from Amazon!  (published through Robert Hale, as a Black horse Western). My first one 'The Ghosts of Poynter' sold out in less than three months! Let's hope this one does as well!
Thank you to those who purchased the first, and those who do decide to purchase the second.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

News from the tipi.

Hello All. I'm eagerly awaiting the arrival of my parcel of advance copies of my second Western 'Crazy Man Cade', on pre-order at Amazon as we speak!

In other news - My 85 year old Mum was flooded this week, lost carpets, some furniture, knick knacks etc, I felt so helpless, as I couldn't get down there to help her, she lives at the bottom of a hill, in a 300 year old cottage, and all the rain from the hill runs down past the front of her house, usually. only this time, it got in. Without knocking!!

My little dog, Poppy, had a fit last week. Horrible! We think she might have epilepsy. Need to ask vet. It's a horrible thing to witness.

I hope anyone reading this is fit and well. See you soon. :)

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Anybody there?

So, does anyone ever read blogs? I keep on writing things and hoping for readers, but they don't seem to come! I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth keeping on with a blog after all?
Maybe I'll see you around eh>

Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Research. Is it useless?

Hello out there! Hope you are all well? I was having a discussion with some other writers today about the differences between writing fiction and non-fiction.

Some of us have spent a heck of a long time (in my case, 3 years) in working on local history books, digging up obscure facts from hidden places, only to find no publisher is interested as the book will not be 'commercially viable' as the area the book is about, is too small for them to cover.

So now, what do we do with all that research? Leave it in the attic? Burn it? If we use it on our blogs, will other people use it in their books, which may even be published? It's a dilemma. Ho Hum. Think I'll stick to fiction, it doesn't take as long!

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Howdy Guys and Girls.
I'm back! And waiting eagerly for my parcel of advance copies of my second Western. Busy writing the next one, as well as polishing off my first Contemporary Romance, which I'm seriously considering putting straight onto Kindle, although I might just try one or two publishers first, after a conversation with a writing friend today. I have two more of the Romances, at various stages of progress, so keep watching this space!
I hope you are all well, and coping with this awful weather!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

My Author Website

Why not take a trip to my website? The address is -
On my site you will find excerpts from my works in progress, news about those books, and articles, as well as short stories that I am working on. There will also be some of my poetry. (For those interested in the subject).

Recently, I have placed the first chapter of my second Western 'Crazy Man Cade' on the site, I hope that reading it will encourage you to buy the book (as well as the first 'The Ghosts of Poynter' of course!)

I would appreciate your comments, both on my blog, and of course, my website.
Many thanks to you all.  X

New Cowboy in town.

Jed Cade is coming to town. Prepare to have your hearts broken ladies! He's rough, tough, lean and mean. But he's got a soft centre.

'Crazy Man Cade' is on pre order at Amazon now. Don't miss him, he's waiting just for you. Honest!

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

I'm Back!! (I hope).

Hello all. I've been gone for a while, because I thought I'd lost my blog! So I set up another one, only to lose that too. Then I heard a friend say she'd experienced the same thing so I felt better about it.
Guess what? I came on line today on the offchance that I might find my old blog, and here it is! So maybe I'll be blogging a little more regularly again now.
However, now I know I'm back, I've got to go. It's tea time, and the food won't cook itself. I hope to see you all later with news about my latest books, about my friends books, about magazines, about animals, about ------ oh, you get it!!

See you all soon!!

Wednesday, 4 July 2012


Howdee dodee folks! Me again! Hope you are all well?

Not much to talk about today, only that my first 'fan' (a man from up the street) turned up on my doorstep yesterday, clutching a copy of my book, and asked me to sign it for him! I've arrived! YAY!

Oh, and I'm 'doing' some 'coffee and chat' mornings, and some talks, in all the libraries in the area (a total of about twelve in all) starting with Accrington Library, on the 19th of July. No dates for the others yet, but will put them on here as I get them.

Tat's all for now folks, pop back again.
Meantime, do take care.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Hello again folks. I'm a happy bunny today, I was trawling through the 'net, (as you do) yesterday and found a brilliant review for my book.

It was posted in by someone called Steve M. (Not a friend or a relative, or even a casual acquaintance).

He says in part -  '(Amos Carr's) writing style is very readable and I soon became swept up in the story, as I needed to find the answers to the many questions the author hooked me with. Action scenes, descriptions of places and emotions, and dialogue, are all handled expertly and provided me with an entertaining read.' 

How about that! And I didn't even have to bribe him!  Now I feel like a 'real' author.

See you soon!

Sunday, 1 July 2012

New Bullets on the go.

Howdy all! 

I'm working on my fourth Western now, already four chapters in (don't ask how many words, I haven't done a count yet, sorry).

Numbers 1 and 2 were accepted for publication straight away, unfortunately though, number 3 came back, not enough 'action' for them. I had concentrated more on the Romance of it, and veered away from the bullets, so it came back, (boo hoo). I will be altering some of it, and sending it off again, either back to Hale, or maybe I'll just LURVE it up a bit more, and send it off to a Romance publisher, who knows?

However, I have already got into this next one, so that will have to wait a while, which is okay, as the main body of it is done, so I just have to make a few alterations, instead of re-writing the whole thing.

I do enjoy writing the Westerns, but you know, sometimes I do find myself thinking, 'if only he had a mobile phone, he could get help quickly'. or - 'if he jumped in a car, he could catch them easily'. How much we rely on technology these days, without even thinking about it!

My number 1 book, 'The Ghosts of Poynter' is out on general sale now, and already doing quite well, thanks to all who got it on pre-order. Number 2, 'Crazy Man Cade' will be out in October, and to my mind, it is a better read than the first. I think that could be because there is one character in it who I really enjoyed writing (and it's not the actual hero!) That character keeps on coming back into my head and asking me to write his story. So I will be doing that. In fact I have the 'skeleton' of his story already written, so just have to flesh it out at some point later.

Here is a picture of my very first reader! And no, she isn't a family member, or close friend. (yet).

Okay folks, I'd better be off to the range, and get on with number 3. (No title for that yet, but it's going well up to now). See you all next time!

Saturday, 30 June 2012

5 4 3 2 1 - LAUNCH !

Today's the day!!! It's Launch Day. My new book 'The Ghosts of Poynter' is on sale at last!

So far, I have two very positive comments from people who purchased it on pre-order, looking forward to some more please! I know there are a lot of people out there who will never have read a Western, and who wouldn't even dream of reading one. But please, take a chance, have a go, you never know, you might just end up enjoying it. One of my reviewers says - 'This was my first Western, it won't be my last.' So she has found something new to read, which, until reading mine, she wouldn't have even considered.

I do believe that we should all try reading something in a different genre to that which we become familiar with. You never know what you might be missing. For instance, I never thought I would enjoy the so called 'chick lit', but this year, I decided to try reading some different genres to expand my knowledge of what is avilable. I purchased 'Flings and Arrows' by Debbie Viggiano, and was very pleasantly pleased. I will be reading some more.  So go on, even if Westerns were never your thing, why not give them a try.

As a woman, writing Westerns, (one of only four women in the UK who do so) I believed that I needed a male pen name in order for the books to appeal to a wider audience, so you will find my Westerns filed under the name of Amos Carr. Sort and sweet! I also think that my books are a little less violent than many of the male written Westerns, 'softer' if you like, I use quite a few female characters, and my heroes usually fall in love with one of them. I also like a happy ending. Is that wrong for a Western? Perhaps you will let me know?

Thank you for reading.

Friday, 29 June 2012

Day 2 of 'Bullets and Hearts'

Oh dear. Can't figure out how to edit any of my past writing on here, and I have spotted mistakes! Not a good start.
Anyway, yesterday I received copies of the magazine my article was in, 'Doll's House and Miniature Scene'. I sent an article and some pictures, they published all the pics, but cut some of the article about and changed it from first to third person. I suppose that's the 'done' thing for a magazine?
And the good news is, that a gentleman is coming all the way from Kent on Saturday, to us, in sunny Lancashire, to pick it up. What dedication! I have no doubt then, that he will finish it, and send me progress pics.
No writing today. Ticker playing up again, so had to lie down most of day. Ho Hum.

See you later folks.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Blogging Beginner.

Hello all! This is my first attempt at making a blog, so please, forgive me for any mistakes, and do come back again to make sure they're fixed!

I am a writer of Western novels, but am also working on a contemporary Romance at present, (hence blog title).

My Westerns are written under the pen name of 'Amos Carr' (an amalgam of two great-great grandparents) although my real name, is Jill McDonald-Constable. I am one of only four women in the U.K, who write Westerns for Robert Hale, under the imprint of 'Black Horse Westerns'.

I also have a website you can visit, which carries 'blurbs' and excerpts of my published works, and works in progress. Go to 
Sounds like a strange title, but there is a reason. I tell you that reason on my site.

As this is my first page, I'm not really sure just what to put on, I need to do a bit more research on other blogs, to give you something exciting to read. I'm really looking forward to chatting to some of you, and talking about my work, and that of other authors, and craft workers, as I also  create hand crafted cards, charted cross stitch pictures, gift boxes, and other craft items. They can be found on my other web site, go to the main one for the link.

Be back soon folks! Bye for now.